We are proud to be a part of our customers’ North American supply chain. Our facilities throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico have the knowledge and ability to service customers wherever they need it. ​

Venture Steel is proud to serve a variety of customers in industries including:​


The aerospace industry is a diverse sector spanning the globe with a multitude of military, industrial and commercial applications in which the manufacturing technology and material capabilities are constantly evolving.


The agricultural sector is one of the most transformed and important sectors in the world. The industrialization of the agriculture industry has seen increased use and adoption of new higher strength metals available today.


Since our inception, Venture Steel has been a major contributor to the North American automotive market by supplying hundreds of thousands of tons annually to OEM, tier 1, and tier 2 customers. Our capability and breadth of processing equipment enables us to be your supplier of choice for the most stringent automotive manufacturing environments.


The construction sector spans the process of preparing for and erecting building structures. This involves all systems and components used in and for creation of the final product. Put Venture Steel’s metal product expertise to work!


The energy sector is a diverse industry involved in the sale, production, manufacturing, distribution, and refining of various forms of energy. Venture Steel works with energy industry participants to provide custom tailored solutions for a variety of end users throughout the value chain.

Food Service

The food service industry is a broad sector ranging from manufacturers of small household appliances to large-scale commercial food producing equipment. Each equipment variation requires a multitude of quality metals along with specialized food grade materials.


Metal is a major component used in all facets of the manufacturing value chain from fabrication machinery to finished goods such as pipe and tubing. We work with our customers from design through production phases to ensure the correct material selection for all your manufacturing needs.


The medical or health care field is constantly developing new technology and equipment using various specialized metals.


This industry includes the manufacturing of vehicles, technology, equipment, weapons, ships, aircraft, and infrastructure which all require the use of metals.

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